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Jacco van der Pol
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Lite bakgrund om mig själv
We are Jeannette (43), Jacco (47) and our children Bas and Marjolein, both 8 years old. We live in the Netherlands. Before our children were born, we had a dream to live in Sweden. The main reason back then was the beautiful country, the forests, the people and the culture. When our children were born, we decided to stay where we were for the time being, although our dream was still alive. In the following years we had many questions about the way we live in our modern western society. This had certainly to do with the fact that we had children and started thinking about the world of tomorrow. We started to work less and spend less money on stuff and more time for our children, self education, fullfillment and so on. We already knew that energy, water, food, but also solidarity, sustainability and happyness were far more important than money. It is one think to know this, it's another thing to live by this knowledge. But we believe this way of living has the future, so we started changing our lives step by step and learning in the process.
Därför vill jag gå med i nätverket
One of the things we recently did is moving to another part of the country to let our children experience a democratic school which is not specialized in providing knowledge in a standard way, but gives the children room to experience live and their motives. Apart from other smaller changes we implemented, like working 80% of the time at home which saves energy, starting to learn how to grow our own food, getting rid of stuff, the next big step we would like to take is living in, or starting, an ecovillage or community. But we found this is far from easy, especially in our country which is dominated by rules and regulations, which is understandable because it has a very dense population and not much land available. It is not impossible though, there are some ecovillages around here, but starting one takes years and years of negotiating with local governments and finding people which have more or less the same ideas about sustainable life and also have access to much money, because houses and property are very expensive in our country.
Sådant som jag kan bidra med
Computer knowledge, farming, creative ideas, money to invest, work, music, whatever is needed. I found out that I can learn almost anything and find comfort in doing things which matter.
Eventuell hemsida
Jag är intresserad av att
delta på arbetshelger, bli medlem i den ekonomiska föreningen, bygga eget hus, hyra bostad

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Floda Friskola

As we are planning on moving to Sweden and we have 2 children of 9 years old, we are interested in schools. Our children went to a democratic school in Holland which is a very free form of education. There are no democratic schools in Sweden, but we try to find a school which is a bit similar and with mixed classes. So we are visiting different Friskola in Sweden. Near Änggärdet is a school in Flodafors which seems nice, so on monday, after the solar panel adventure, we planned a visit to…


Upplagd den 23 September 2013 klockan 20.46

Placing solar panels

This weekend we visited Änggärdet to help with placing the solar panels. It was fun being here together with Sirpa, Kerstin, Kristina, Anton, Thomas and Tove. We had a very good time and felt very welcome. My daughter Marjolein finally made friends with Kerstin's dog Lyra which made her very happy. We worked well together and we managed to get half of the panels up. It was not an easy job, but I think we all learned a lot. For me it was the first time to do this and I am very happy we…


Upplagd den 16 September 2013 klockan 17.45 — 1 Inlägg


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