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En gårdsgemenskap mitt i Sörmland

As we are planning on moving to Sweden and we have 2 children of 9 years old, we are interested in schools. Our children went to a democratic school in Holland which is a very free form of education. There are no democratic schools in Sweden, but we try to find a school which is a bit similar and with mixed classes. So we are visiting different Friskola in Sweden. Near Änggärdet is a school in Flodafors which seems nice, so on monday, after the solar panel adventure, we planned a visit to this school called Floda Friskola

We got a tour from the principal (I forgot here name, sorry). The school is nice and has a lot of room for children. Classes are small and mixed. The day we were there the younger children were out in the field to harvest potatoes. It was nice to see that the children of different ages got along together so good and that our children were invited to help with the potatoes. The fact that they don't speak swedish (yet) wasn't a problem. 

The children get different teachers for different subjects, even the younger children. This is nice, because they are not dependent on one teacher, which is very welcome if a child doesn't get along to well with one teacher. They do lot's of things outside which we liked also. Classes are small so there is much time a teacher can spend on the children.

There are also lessons for the older children (F6 - F8) in Katrineholm. For 3 days in the week they will be there and the other 2 days they are in Flodafors.  

Food is made in the school and is local. No processed food and potatoes come from their own land. 

The school seemed organized very well and had a great atmosphere. 

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